Past speakers


  • 11 January 2018: Joint Seminar with European Theatre Research Network, Dramaturgies of change in Greek theatre: institutions, practices and publics, with Marissia Fragkou, Philip Hager, and Gigi Argyropoulou.
  • 1 February 2018: Giulia Palladini (Roehampton University): “The free time of the nameless: on waiting, leisure, and accidental work in times of crisis” 
  • 1 March 2018: Performance and Sport, interdisciplinary panel with Solomon Lennox (Northumbria University) and Claire Warden (De Monfort University)
  • 26 April 2018: Postgraduate Panel with Cathy Sloan (RCSSD), “‘Pins’, Spoons, Bowls and Gongs: The Materiality of Recoverist Performance”, and Sarah Bartley (QMUL), “‘Sitting Idle’: The Prison Workshop and Economies of Participation”


  • 12 January 2017: Researching Amateur Theatre, with Helen Nicolson (RHUL), Nadine Holdsworth (Warwick) and Jane Milling (Exeter)
  • 2 February 2017: Ayumi Fujioka (Sugiyama University, Japan and Visiting Scholar, SOAS), ‘Early 20th Century Transcultural Popular Entertainment in the British and Japanese Theatre: From Edwardian Musical Comedy to Teigeki Actress Plays’ & Jim Davis (University of Warwick), ‘Some Aspects of Anglo-Australian Cultural Exchange 1880-1960’ NB: This talk is supported by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) London.
  • 9 March 2017: Dariusz Kosiński (Jagiellonian University), ‘Profanations: Jerzy Grotowski versus Polish national drama’
  • 27 April 2017: Panel on Contemporary Political Theatre, in collaboration with European Theatre Research Network with Bryce Lease (RHUL), Peter Boenisch (University of Kent), Günter Heeg (University of Leipzig), Clare Finburgh (University of Kent) and Helen Gush (Victoria & Albert Museum)
  • 11 May 2017: Postgraduate Panel with Jessica Worden (Brunel University London and Yaron Shyldkrot (University of Surrey)
  • 5 October 2017 – Postgraduate Panel with Leah Sidi (Birkbeck): ‘Sarah Kane, Psychiatry and Dramaturgies of Dislocation’, and Nina Marie Gardner (RHUL): ‘Collaborating with Ghosts to Inhabit the Body: Adapting Women’s Literary Modernism to the Stage.’
  • 9 November 2017 – Stephen Greer (University of Glasgow): ‘Queer Optimism (and theatre at the end of the world)’
  • 7 December 2017 – Caoimhe Mader McGuinness (Kingston University): ‘Intempentestive dissensus: reproducing possible proletarian public spheres in You Should See the Other Guy’s Land of the Three Towers


  • 21 January 2016: Aoife Monks (Queen Mary, University of London), ‘Bad Art.’
  • 4 February 2016: postgraduate panel: Bruno Roubicek, Birkbeck, University of London: ‘Digging Through the Taskscape, a Poetics of the Neganthropocene’ andNik Wakefield, Royal Holloway, University of London: ‘Sleep, Laziness and Making’
  • 18 February 2016: Georgina Guy, (Royal Holloway, University of London) ‘Theatre, Exhibition, and Curation: Displayed & Performed’
  • 10 March 2016: Anna Harpin (University of Warwick), “‘It was a brilliant cure but we lost the patient’: Treating Madness” and Marissia Fragkou (Canterbury Christ Church University), “Between ‘childhood crisis’ and ‘masculinity in crisis’: children and precarity on the contemporary stage”
  • 20 October 2016: Tom Cornford, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London
  • 17 November 2016: Molly Flynn, Royal Holloway, University of London
  • 1 December 2016: Postgraduate Panel, with Ella Parry-Davies (KCL) and Faisal Hamadah (QMUL)


  • 22 Jan 2015: Broderick Chow (Brunel University), ‘Animatedness, affective labour, and the Filipino performing body on the global stage: from Miss Saigon to Here Lies Love
  • 5 Feb 2015: Joshua Abrams (University of Roehampton), ‘A Feast for the Eyes: The Performance of Visuality in the Contemporary Restaurant’
  • 26 Feb 2015: Michael Shane Boyle (Queen Mary, University of London), ‘Peter Stein and the “New Capital-Labour Accord” of Mitbestimmungstheater’, and Seda Ilter (Birkbeck, University of London), ‘A Theatrical Journey: Reflections on Transferring Tim Crouch’s The Author to Turkey’
  • 12 March 2015: postgraduate panel: Lynne McCarthy (Queen Mary, University of London), ‘Statecraft and the Stranger: Cultural lets in social property’, and David Roberts (The Bartlett, UCL), A bit brutal, scary, but kinda nice: Performing public housing in East London’
  • 15 October 2015: Ying Cheng (SOAS, University of London) ‘“Is Theatre Dying in Nigeria?”: “Recycling” Popular Theatre in Metropolitan Lagos’, and Adelina Ong (RCSSD, University of London) ‘Battling Fears: a sea monster and a friend’.
  • 29 October 2015: Michal Kobialka (University of Minnesota) ‘Tadeusz Kantor’s Theatre of Personal Confessions: Notes on Late Style’
  • 19 November 2015: Margherita Laera (University of Kent) ‘Subverting the “Classics”: Adaptation and Resistance’
  • 3 December 2015: Ashley Thorpe (Royal Holloway, University of London) ‘Destructively productive: revisiting the intra-ethnic rivalry between British East Asian theatre companies Yellow Earth Theatre and Mu-lan Theatre Company’


  • 23 January 2014: Postgraduate panel: Martin O’Brien (University of Reading), ‘Bob, Sheree and Me: Enduring Painful Histories’, and Nina Muehlemann (King’s College London), ‘“CripTease Unlimited”: Negotiating shame and pride through crip burlesque performance’
  • 20 February 2014: ‘Body-parts, Choreography and Politics’: Melissa Blanco Borelli (Royal Holloway, University of London), ‘The Politics of Unravelling: Hips, Acceleration and the Cuban Despelote’, and Royona Mitra (Brunel University), ‘The Parting Pelvis: Temporality, Sexuality and Cultural Codes in Chandralekha’s Sharira
  • 13 March 2014: ‘Performing Proximity’: a dialogue with Leslie Hill and Helen Paris (Stanford University / Curious)
  • 9 October 2014: Dan Rebellato (Royal Holloway, University of London), ‘Naturalist Theatre and the Problem of Homosexuality’
  • 13 November 2014, Sara Jane Bailes (University of Sussex), ‘“Art should be experienced in a place that allows staying”: Hosting as a Practice – Glasshouse ArtLifeLab, Brooklyn, NY’
  • 27 November 2014, Clare Finburgh (University of Essex), ‘War on Screen on Stage in Recent British Theatre’
  • 11 December 2014, Rachel Fensham (University of Melbourne), ‘T-shirts and shift-dresses: who wears what in postmodern dance?’


  • 7 February 2013: Postgraduate panel: Oriana Fox (Goldsmiths), ‘Amateur Hosts and Professional Friends: Artists Reinvent the TV Talk Show’, and Kerry Irvine (Brunel), ‘Models of production and enterprise for the fringe theatre maker’
  • 28 February 2013: Professor Steve Bottoms (Manchester), ‘The Year of the Flood: Staging Watery Dissensus in Shipley and Saltaire’
  • 14 March 2013: Kélina Gotman (King’s College London), ‘Zones of intensity: History, Rehearsal and Repetition’
  • 21 March 2013: Jon McKenzie (University of Wisconsin-Madison),‘The Secret to Theory is a Good Set of Subwoofers: Take One’
  • 7 May 2013: Panel on Performance Philosophy: Laura Cull (Surrey), ‘Performance Philosophy: The “Mind the Gap” and/or “Performance as Philosophy” debate’ and Karoline Gritzner (Aberystwyth), ‘Notes on Movement: what happens between the steps?’
  • 17 October 2013: Professor Peter M Boenisch (University of Kent), ‘Reclaiming Regietheater: The Dialectics of Directing’
  • 14 November 2013: ‘Mashed Up Musicals: Hybridity in the Modern Musical on Stage and On Television’: Professor Millie Taylor, University of Winchester, ‘Hybrid Voices of Music Theatre: Fingerprint, Bombay Dreams and London Road‘ and Mary Jo Lodge (Lafayette College, USA/Roehampton), ‘The (Not So) New Directions for Smash-ed Hits: The Evolution of the Television Musical’
  • 21 November 2013: Postgraduate panel: Diana Damian (Royal Holloway), ‘The politics of performance criticism: judgment and resistance’, and Wendy Hubbard (Queen Mary), ‘Sharing Performance: Quarantine/ With / Jean-Luc Nancy’
  • 12 December 2013: ‘Another Stage for Theatre’ (post-doc/early career panel): Laure Fernandez (Roehampton), ‘A Theatre without Theatre: toward a contemporary approach of theatricality’ and ‘Displayed & Performed: Another Identity which is Theatre’, Georgina Guy (King’s College London)


  • 19 January 2012: Beth Hoffmann (George Mason University, Washington DC), ‘“No longer true enough”: Realism underneath and beyond in John Osborne and Forced Entertainment’
  • 9 February 2012: Postgraduate panel: R. Justin Hunt (Roehampton), ‘Swapping Spit’, and Louise LePage (Royal Holloway), ‘”What a piece of work is a man”: A Post/Humanist Approach to Modern Dramatic Characters’
  • 1 March 2012: Theron Schmidt (King’s College London), ‘Acting, disabled: Back to Back Theatre and the politics of appearance’
  • 3 May 2012: Keren Zaiontz (Roehampton), ‘Olympic Risk and Rhythm’
  • 18 October 2012: James Harding (University of Warwick), ‘Outperforming Activism: Surveillance Technologies Beyond the Surveillance Camera Players’
  • 15 November 2012: Kim Solga (Queen Mary, University of London), ‘Intimate Theatre, Intercultural Politics: Inside Theatre Replacement’s BIOBOXES’
  • 29 November 2012: Reflections on the Cultural Olympiad: Kate Elswit (University of Bristol), ‘Ten Evenings with Pina’, and Marilena Zaroulia (University of Winchester), ‘”A piece of the island in your hands”: (National) Belonging and the Paradox of Alex Hartley’s nowhereisland
  • 13 December 2012: Postgraduate panel: Adam Alston (Royal Holloway, University of London), ‘Reflections on Intimacy and Narcissism in Ontroerend Goed’s Personal Trilogy’, and Shaun May (Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London), ‘Physical Impairment and Temporal Phenomenology’


  • 20 January 2011: Postgraduate panel: João Florêncio (Goldsmiths), ‘Of Metal, Blood, Glitter and Soil – Towards a Complex Ecology of Live Art’, and Joseph Mercier (CSSD), ‘Fuck the Stage: Queer Strategies for Radicalizing Performance through Submission and Degradation’
  • 3 February 2011: Professor Rachel Fensham (Surrey), ‘Watching Beside Others: more thoughts on theatre spectatorship’.
  • 24 February 2011: Panel: ‘Histories of Live Art’, Gavin Butt (Goldsmiths), Dominic Johnson (Queen Mary), Heike Roms (Aberystwyth)
  • 10 March 2011: A reading group, focusing on Louis Althusser’s essay, ‘The ‘Piccolo Teatro’: Bertolazzi and Brecht’ which was published in For Marx.
  • 24 March 2011: Gilli Bush-Bailey (Royal Holloway): ‘Performing HerSelf: Autobiography, Historiography and Dramatic Recollections’
  • 27 October 2011: ‘Agonism and Theatre: Playing the Space of Politics in the 20th and 21st Centuries’, Eve Katsouraki (UEL), Tony Fisher (Central), Broderick Chow (Brunel)
  • 17 November 2011: Postgraduate Panel: Rachel Gomme (Queen Mary) and Sophie Lally (King’s College London)
  • 1 December 2011: Sophie Nield (Royal Holloway, University of London), ‘Resisting representation: Occupy and the dramaturgy of public order’
  • 8 December 2011: Catherine Silverstone (QMUL), ‘Shakespeare’s Scripts for Queer Desires in Lost and Delirious (2001)’


  • 21 January 21 2010: ‘Rehearsing Boal’, Joel Anderson and Tony Fisher (Central School of Speech and Drama)
  • 4 February 2010: postgraduate panel: Tim Edkins (Queen Mary), ‘Feeling Productive’, 
and Broderick Chow (Central School of Speech and Drama), ‘Kim Noble will help you get through it: strategies for redefining the political in comedy performance’
  • 18 February 2010: panel on ‘Continuities Lost and Found: Documentary Theatre, Agency and the Actor’ with Chris Megson (Royal Holloway), Amanda Stuart Fisher (Central School of Speech and Drama), and Derek Paget (Reading)
  • 11 March 2010: P A Skantze (Roehampton), ‘Weathered Thresholds, Itinerancy, Sebald and Devotional Spectating’
  • 13 May 2010: panel on Pedagogy & Publishing, with Jen Harvie (Queen Mary), Dan Rebellato (Royal Holloway), Nadine Holdsworth (Warwick) and Helen Freshwater (Birkbeck)
  • 14 October 2010: postgraduate panel: Ella Finer (Roehampton), ‘Airy Nowheres: The Voice in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction’, and Emer O’Toole (Royal Holloway), ‘Towards an Ethics of Intercultural Exchange: Theory and Practice’
  • 28 October 2010: Panel Discussion: ‘Performing the Peace Process in Northern Ireland’ – Zachary Lamdin (Birkbeck), Caoimhe McAvinchey (Queen Mary), Wallace McDowell (Warwick); Aoife Monks (Birkbeck)
  • 18 November 2010: Professor Mary Luckhurst (University of York): ‘Reality check: Actors Playing Real People’


  • 7 January 2009: panel on archives and archiving with Kate Dorney (Curator of Contemporary Theatre Collections, V&A), Bonnie Hewson (UCL), Matthew Reason (University of York St John), Heike Roms (University of Aberystwyth)
  • 5 February 2009: Dialogue on Theatre and Philosophy, Freddie Rokem (University of Tel Aviv); and Alan Read (King’s College London)
  • 26 February 2009: postgraduate panel: Eirini Kartsaki and George Home-Cook (Queen Mary)
  • 5 March 2009: Baz Kershaw, ‘‘Were monkeys human? Reflections on a Case of Ecological Performance-as-Research’
  • 7 May 2009: roundtable discussion on Theatre and Performance Journals: Strategies and Practices in Editing,
  • 15 October 2009: Lara Shalson (Kings College), ‘Enduring Objecthood’
  • 29 October 2009:, Nicholas Ridout (Queen Mary), ‘Solitude in Relation: or, is Jean-Luc Nancy ‘being-theatrical’?’
  • 19 November 2009: ‘Theory Now’ panel, with Sophie Nield (Royal Holloway), Jen Harvie (Queen Mary), Angela McRobbie (Goldsmiths), Nina Power (Roehampton)
  • 3 December 2009: Maggie Inchley (Birkbeck), ‘The Politics of the Voice in British Theatre 1997-2007’ and Karen Quigley (Kings College, London), ‘Written but unstageable; stageable but unwritten: 17th century closet drama meets 21st century performance’


  • 22 January 2008: Panel discussion on London and performance with Jen Harvie (Queen Mary), Fiona Wilkie (Roehampton), Carl Lavery (Lancaster), Patrice Pavis (University of Paris VIII)
  • 5 February 2008: Ben Poore (Royal Holloway), “Lost Me Way and Don’t Know Where to Roam”: Marie Lloyd and Music Hall Stage Biography under Thatcher’ and Rachel Clements (Royal Holloway), ‘Peccadillo Circus and verbatim comedy: ‘Just a cipher, channeling the filth’?’
  • 19 February 2008: Chris Megson (Royal Holloway), ‘“Panic Situations”: Some Thoughts on Recontextualising the Plays of Sarah Kane’
  • 11 March 2008: Joe Kelleher (Roehampton), ‘On self-remembering theatres’
  • 14 May 2008: Paul Rae (University of Singapore), ‘Enter the Durian: Accommodating Theatre in a Performance State’
  • 23 October 2008: Joanne Tompkins (University of Queensland), ‘Australian identity politics and the Theatre of Noëlle Janaczweska’
  • 6 November 2008: Panel on Contemporary African Theatre with Yvette Hutchison (Warwick), Mpalive Msiska (Birkbeck), Osita Okagbue (Goldsmiths), Saeed Reza Talajooy (UCL)
  • 20 November 2008: Lis Austin (Roehampton), 
’Judging By Appearances: On Surface and Depth’, 
Katherine Graham (Birkbeck),
’Monstrous women, blood and the female revenger’
  • 11 December 2008: Dialogue on Applied Theatre with Helen Nicholson (Royal Holloway) and Caoimhe McAvinchey, (Goldsmiths)


  • 5 March 2007: Alan Read (Kings College), ‘Performance in the Ceramic Age’
  • 12 March 2007: Simon Shepherd (Central School of Speech and Drama), ‘Clipped Voices and Class Crisis’
  • 30 October 2007: Helen Freshwater (Birkbeck), ‘Theatre and its audiences: anxiety, participation and empowerment’
  • 13 November 2007: Aoife Monks (Birkbeck), ‘Appearing Invisible: Costume in Performance’
  • 20 November 2007: Jim Peck (Muhlenberg College), ‘Conjuring Capital: Magic and Finance from Eighteenth-Century London to the New Las Vegas’
  • 11 December 2007: Richard Talbot (Roehampton), ‘Stupidity Improves Your Memory: proto-museums and the carnivalesque’ and Branislava Kuburovic (Roehampton), ‘Performing Immediacy: Matrix and Mediation in Live Art’


  • 23 January 2006: Bryan Reynolds (University of California Irvine),
’Transversal Performance: Theaterspace, Emulative Authority and the Force of Subjunctivity’
  • 6 February 2006: Tracy C. Davis (Northwestern University), 
’Rehearsals for Nuclear War’
  • 6 March 2006: Rebecca Schneider (Brown University),
’Re-enactment and Performance Remains: some questions re-posed’
  • 20 March 2006: Sarah Gorman (Roehampton), ‘Dead-Panned, Dead-Pan-Ning, Dead-Pans: An Exploration of Acting with New York City Players’
  • 27 November 2006: Louise Owen (Central School of Speech and Drama), ‘Anti-theatricalism and civic participation: an example of practice under New Labour’
  • 30 October 2006: Sophie Nield (Central School of Speech and Drama), and Josh Abrams (Roehampton),
’Performance, Refugees and the State of Exception’: a discussion


  • 10 October 2005: Jim Davis (Warwick),’The Laughing Audience’ and after: Spectatorship in the English Theatre 1737 – 1830’
  • 7 November 2005: Nicholas Till (Sussex),’The Sticky Metaphysics of Opera: how they got stuck in and how we can get out’
  • 21 November 2005: Leonore Easton (Queen Mary) and Emily Orley (Roehampton), ‘Wondering while wandering: towards a method of encounter’
  • 5 December 2005: Jennifer Parker-Starbuck (Roehampton), ‘Becoming-Animate’: On the Performed Limits of ‘Human’


  • 19 January 2004: Joe Kelleher (Roehampton), ‘The Theatre Fetish’
  • 15 March 12004: Jen Mitas (Queen Mary), ‘Shrew P. Coot’s Powerpoints: Assessing the Impact of Biological Psychiatry and Genetics on Method Acting’
  • 25 October 2004: roundtable conversation on David Hare’s Stuff Happens
  • 8 November 2004: Simon Bayly (Roehampton), ‘Come Together?: Some Thoughts on Desire in the Theatrical Encounter’
  • 22 November 2004: Adam Trexler (Queen Mary), ‘A Pound of Paper: the Politics of Presence in the Modernist Dramatic Monologue’
  • 6 December 2004: Martin Welton (Queen Mary), ‘Acting Environment’


  • 29 September 2003: Sophie Nield (Roehampton) and Nicholas Ridout (Queen Mary), ‘Reconstructed Bodies: some reflections on the representation of Saddam’s sons and the theatre of Mustapha Avkiran’
  • 13 October 2003: Ross Brown (Central School of Speech and Drama) and Nicholas Till (Wimbledon School of Art), on ‘Noise’
  • 27 October 2003: Steven Connor (Birkbeck), ‘A Mouthful of Air: On Shortness of Breath’
  • 24 November 2003: Dan Rebellato (Royal Holloway), ‘The Postmodern Condition Did Not Take Place: thoughts on theatre and ethics in an age of globalisation’