Political Theatre(s) in Europe, 27 April 2017

Please join us for our next London Theatre Seminar on Thursday, 27 April in the University of London Senate House (Room 102 Athlone Room). We will be presenting a panel discussion on Political Theatre(s) in Europe in conjunction with the European Theatre Research Network. It starts at 6.30 PM and will close at 8.30, to reconvene in a local pub.

We hope to see you there!

Broderick, Louise, and Bryce

“Political Theatre(s) in Europe“
Panel Discussion 

Thursday 27 April, 6.30-8.30pm
Senate House 102

In collaboration with the European Theatre Research Network (ETRN), LTS is hosting a special panel discussion on the politics of contemporary European theatre. Peter Boenisch, Clare Finburgh, Helen Gush and Bryce Lease will offer perspectives from different parts of the continent. Presenting some provocations, reflections and examples of current practice, this seminar intends to develop broader exchanges about the role of politics in theatre, conceptualizations of the political in relation to performance, and current attempts to critique or confront changing political landscapes. Key themes will include democracy, inclusion, pluralism, national identity, counterpublics, resistance and the rise of the right.

Peter M Boenisch is Professor of European Theatre and Director of the European Theatre Research Network (ETRN) at the University of Kent. His primary interest is in the intersections between aesthetics and politics in contemporary theatre. His research areas are the fields of directing, dramaturgy, and contemporary dance, with a particular focus on the German- and Dutch-speaking European countries. His books include Directing Scenes and Senses: The thinking of Regie (Manchester UP 2015), and The Theatre of Thomas Ostermeier, which he co-authored with Ostermeier (Routledge 2016). With Rachel Fensham, he is co-editor of the Palgrave book series New World Choreographies.

Clare Finburgh is Senior Lecturer in the department of Drama at the University of Kent. Her research focuses on French and UK contemporary performance, notably innovations in French modern and contemporary playwriting and directing; and representations of conflict in UK theatre. She has co-written Jean Genet (with David Bradby, 2011), and co-edited Genet: Performance and Politics (2006) and Contemporary French Theatre and Performance (2011). She is currently leading a team of researchers and artists who are investigating the legacy in contemporary performance of the Situationist International, a group of radical artists and activists from the 1950s and 1960s. The project is entitled Reviewing Spectacle.

Helen Gush is Assistant Curator in the V&A Department of Theatre and Performance and is doing a PhD between the museum and Queen Mary University of London. Her PhD focuses on international theatre on the post-war British stage, with particular reference to the legacy of the World Theatre Season, an annual season of international productions which took place at the Aldwych Theatre, London, from 1964 to 1975. At the museum her responsibilities include the Performance Festival; producing TheatreVOICE, a website for oral content about British theatre; and coordinating installations and displays.

Bryce Lease is Senior Lecturer in Drama & Theatre at Royal Holloway, University of London. He has published widely on Polish theatre, including his recent monograph After ’89: Polish Theatre and the Political (Manchester University Press, 2016). He is Subject Editor for European Theatre/Performance for the Routledge Performance Archive, Book Reviews Editor for Contemporary Theatre Review, and is currently co-editing Contemporary European Playwrights (Routledge) with Maria Delgado and Dan Rebellato.