‘Another Stage for Theatre’ – post-doc/early career panel with Laure Fernandez and Georgina Guy, 12 December

London Theatre Seminar
Thursday, 12 December, 6.30-8.30pm
Chancellor’s Hall, 1st floor, University of London Senate House

Post-doc/Early Career Panel: ‘Another Stage for Theatre’

Laure Fernandez and Georgina Guy work between theatre, performance and visual art. Having thought through intersections between these fields from different standpoints and in distinct research projects, in this session they will articulate points of interconnection between their research and their shared interest in the rise of theatricality within the visual art domain.

Laure Fernandez (Roehampton), ‘A Theatre without Theatre: toward a contemporary approach of theatricality’

Laure Fernandez’s work challenges discourses that claim the (incessant) death of theatre by illustrating the continual appearance of the latter in other artistic domains (installation, video, photography, sculpture, performance). Taking into account historical applications of the concept of theatricality, in her paper, she will use some key works by artists such as Ulla von Brandenburg, Tino Sehgal, Jeremy Deller or Roni Horn to elaborate a panorama of its manifestations within the contemporary context. Such examples show that theatricality – a dialectical concept – can be used both as a tool to frame or dissolve the frame: it is not only esthetical, but also structural and anthropological.

Laure Fernandez has a PhD in Theatre and Performing Arts from University of Paris 3 Sorbonne-Nouvelle. She is currently Research Projects Officer (postdoc) at the Department of Drama, Theatre and Performance at the University of Roehampton and an associate researcher at ARIAS-CNRS (Paris). She was responsible for press releases at the Bastille Theatre in Paris and interned at the research and archives department at Performa (New York), under the direction of RoseLee Goldberg. Laure Fernandez is a member of the international project “The sound of the theatre” (ARIAS / CRI, Montreal) in which she works on Gisèle Vienne’s creations and on ventriloquism.

Georgina Guy (King’s College London), Displayed & Performed: Another Identity which is Theatre’

Georgina Guy’s research centres on the exhibition as a dynamic context in which established traditions of display and performance interact. Alert to an emerging field of practice distinct from but related to increased museological provision for ‘live’ performance, her paper asks what it means to generalise ‘the theatrical’ as the optic or directive of a curatorial concept. Restaging two temporary exhibitions, Renoir at the Theatre: Looking at La Loge (Courtauld) and The World as a Stage (Tate Modern), both presented in 2007-2008, her interest is in how contemporary visual arts and exhibition practices display performance and how such representations, in their curation together, approach questions of ontology and experiment with supplementary temporalities and frames through which performance might appear.

Georgina Guy is a Lecturer in Theatre and Performance Studies at King’s College London. She completed her AHRC-funded doctorate under the supervision of Professor Alan Read and postdoctoral research with Tate and the Science Museum. This paper draws from her current book project, Displayed & Performed: Visitation, Exhibition and Arrested Attention.